Francesca Cesaroni


Francesca Cesaroni was born, lives and works in Rome. Psychologist, Junghian psychoanalyst, trained in a phenomenological psychiatric environment, she has practiced privately and prevalentely at universities – the Policlinico Università La Sapienza in Rome; she taught Psychopedagogy at the faculty of Psychiatry at the Policlinico Universitario in Naples.

In 2006 she gave up her practice and theoretic-clinical research in favour of artistic research, realizing a radical change in the modes and instruments of her expression, selecting sculpture and photographic imagery as her preferential mediators, while still maintaining the centrality of her attention on Man and his inner world, on the dynamic relations with “other than Self” and on themes of Narcissism, the leitmotiv of all her intellectual research.

In 2008 she realized a solo exhibition of sculpture and photography in Rome in Via Giuseppe Montanelli 11, within the spaces of her architectural project entitled Luoghi per Narciso (Sites for Narcissus), curated by Ludovico Pratesi (Press review: “La Repubblica” 12-1-08 by Cecilia Cirinei ; “AD Architectural Digest” April 2008).

In december 2013 she realized a solo exibition/performance with large format photographies curated by Achille Bonito Oliva entitled “Architetture del Sè” in Palazzo Venier, in Salita del Grillo 17 , Rome.( online video catalog- youtube – Architetture del sè).

In june 2019 she realized a solo exibition of 12 bronze sculptures and 8 large format photographies curated by Gianni Mercurio, at Marisa Del Re -Temporary Gallery in Palazzo Venier , Salita del Grillo 17, Rome (rass. st.).

She has exhibited in several Italian group shows: Enzo Mazzarella Gallery, Rome; Palazzo Principi di Carpegna, Carpegna, Italy; Electronic Art Cafè in Piazza Farnese curated by Umberto Scrocca e Achille Bonito Oliva; etc.